Leadership Development includes
workshops and training in college
preparation, job preparation, the
after-school learning center, and
financial and business development
including entrepreneurship workshops.
 Students learn how to contact a
college for information; how to search
for funding for a college education;
how to complete a job application and
develop a resume; and how to prepare
a personal budget, open a bank
account, maintain good credit, prepare
a business plan and operate a small
business. The after-school learning
center helps students improve their
math and reading skills by providing
personalized individual math
assignments, reading quizzes, tutoring
and reading challenge opportunities.  

Through our
Community Service
area, teenagers participate in
community service activities that give
them insight and experience regarding
local cultures and customs, and
opportunities to serve individuals in
need.  They are involved in events like
the Homeless Walkathon, distribution
of warm clothes and food to the
homeless, and tutoring the younger
    Youth Net’s Spiritual
component includes a
Bible study and spiritual retreats that
help young people understand what
the Bible teaches about leadership,
service, relationships, forgiveness,
attitudes, and other topics related to
leadership and responsible living.  
One-on-one counseling and support
groups such as our Book Club provide
opportunities for teenagers to talk
about issues such as the harmful
effect of drugs and alcohol and sexual

Youth Net’s recreational and cultural
activities foster
Artistic and Athletic
Skills Development
.  Sports activities
such as attending Washington
Nationals, Wizards and Mystics games
not only provide a positive social outlet
for youth but help them study group
dynamics and teamwork.  Our arts and
crafts as well as poetry-writing
sessions help youth develop their
creative thinking skills and
appreciation of various modes of

Teen Leaders and Tutors
@ L.O.C.K.

Earn Community Service Hours

Ages: 13-19
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